Italian Society of Cardiology 77th Annual Congress 2016

The Italian Society of Cardiology is a 'Scientific Association Academic among the oldest and most prestigious that boasts among its founding fathers renowned scientists.

The Association aims to bring together experts of Cardiology in order to promote progress in the field of knowledge and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, to foster relations between cardiologists, general practitioners and specialists in other disciplines, to establish scientific relations with similar Italian and foreign associations and work with institutional bodies. Among all stands the educational vocation of the SIC which has made training its predominant mission through the organization of several scientific initiatives at national and regional levels such as Congresses, Education courses, as well as distance education events, with the participation of Italian and foreign speakers of high scientific level.

A program of renovation of the objectives and the working method with a new package that has paid off registering, particularly last year, an increasing number of new registrations has been undertaken in recent years. The company currently has about 2,300 members.

The SIC Board of Directors is still continuing with vigor the enforcement program and hopes that this is an invitation for many other cardiologists to want to be part of the Italian Society of Cardiology.

Start date
Friday, December 16, 2016
End date
Monday, December 19, 2016
Rome Cavalieri
Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101
00136 Rome
Phone: +39 06 85355854
Fax: +39 06 85356927
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