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Hamburg Heart Days 2020

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we cordially invite you to the Hamburg Heart Days 2020 of the University Heart and Vascular Center Hamburg . The new appointment in September allows you to discuss the latest findings, which were presented at the European Cardiology Congress, with you in late summer in Hamburg. The main aim of the event is to discuss the concrete application of current diagnostic and therapeutic findings in everyday clinical practice.

At the beginning, well-known experts in cardiovascular medicine will present the latest updates from the annual conference of the European Society of Cardiology. In particular, the new guidelines on myocardial infarction and atrial fibrillation will have a relevant impact on our daily practice, so that we are excited to put the changes and changes together with them in a clinical context. As a highlight, Prof. Zeiher, President of the German Society for Cardiology , will give a lecture; For the first time, an HHD award will also be presented. This day is rounded off by a social evening to which we invite all participants.

On Saturday we will start with case-based discussions and focused updates on specific topics in cardiovascular medicine, in which we will briefly and concisely record diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms. Interventional cardiology, electrophysiology and cardiac surgery are highlighted in the two main sessions. The program is supplemented by a number of parallel symposia, which mainly discuss how the latest study results can be implemented in everyday clinical practice.

We hope to have aroused your interest with this program and look forward to your participation.

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