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ESC Berlin 2017

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After the most successful 25 years anniversary meeting in Venice with increasing numbers of international participants from all around the globe, the ESC will be hosted in Berlin, Germany´s capital f since our founding conference in 1990 in Düsseldorf. We will continue to prepare a highly scientific and educational program covering new science beyond stroke ( stroke and coexisting diseases, stroke and neuro-degeneration in aging populations, interdisciplinary clinical cooperation in acute stroke and stroke rehabilitation etc) with world experts in the field of stroke and concomitant research from Europe and all other continents. We are preparing special sessions with chairpersons from countries with non-native speaking participants to facilitate communication and discussion, will set new standards for active “online only participation” for those who cannot travel to Berlin ( first and very successfully offered last year ) and thanks to a tremendous funding of the European Stroke Research Foundation offer more Travel Grants and Junior Awards for excellent submission than ever.

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