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Echo / Imaging New York: State-of-the-Art 2019

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The 21st Annual State-of-the-Art Echo Course has been developed to review society guidelines for evaluation of cardiac structure, function, and hemodynamics which are essential for patient management and cardiac clinical trials. This course will familiarize attendees with recent technological advances in the field. Nationally renowned experts in echocardiography, valvular heart disease, and new imaging modalities will present the most up-to-date information, with hands-on demonstrations of basic and advanced Doppler offered on the first and second days. Didactic lectures will be combined with interesting case presentations.


Upon conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Apply the ASE Guidelines document for quantification of chamber sizes and (systolic and diastolic) function using 2- and 3-dimensional echocardiography, as well as newer modalities such as strain imaging.
  • Employ qualitative and quantitative measures to describe the severity of valvular heart disease and apply the current ASE guidelines.
  • Apply the utility of echocardiography in (systolic and diastolic) heart failure diagnosis and therapy, including the new ASE/EACVI recommendations for HFpEF, pericardial diseases, and ventricular assist devices.
  • Identify the utility of stress echocardiography for evaluation of coronary heart disease, dyspnea, and valvular heart disease.
  • Recognize the utility of transesophageal and 3-D imaging in management decisions in the interventional lab, operating room, and intensive care unit.
  • Identify the complementary use of other imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, and PET imaging.
  • Recognize the echocardiographic presentation of special patient populations, including those with cancer, congenital heart disease, athletes with heart disease, and heart disease in pregnancy.

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