Once a year, a group of impactful and motivated medical professionals dedicated to vascular disease and the endovascular treatment of arterial and venous disease gather for the CVC experience. CVC is a winning formula of world-renowned faculty, dedicated attendees and ground-breaking content in an immersive and focused atmosphere.​

CVC is a purely vascular conference - no coronary intervention, no TAVR, no structural heart. Attendees can choose from simultaneous arterial and venous programs covering all aspects of endovascular medicine. CVC is the only endovascular conference which offers simultaneous arterial and venous content.

The format is fast-paced talks, live cases, and opportunities to learn about new and emerging technologies, live venous ultrasound demonstrations and CVC’s unique, ultrasound-guided pedal artery access cadaver course. International attendees and faculty from different fields can draw inspiration from one another.

The CVC / Simple Partnership:

In July 2016, Simple Education and CVC entered into a unique partnership where ALL CVC content is hosted on the platform, we are pleased to introduce you to this world class content and this innovative medical education platform that is truly a leap forwards in how medical education is delivered.

All CVC 2016 sessions can be found in the link below:

Arterial - Complex Endovascular Techniques I:

Arterial - Complex Endovascular Techniques I - Continued:

Arterial - Complex Endovascular Techniques II: 

Arterial - Complex Endovascular Techniques III:

Arterial - Aortic Disease I:

Arterial - Aortic Disease II:

Arterial - Acute Stroke Therapy/Carotid Intervention:

Arterial - Business of Medicine:

Arterial - Critical Limb Ischemia/Limb Salvage/Wound Care I:

Arterial - Critical Limb Ischemia/Limb Salvage/Wound Care II:

Arterial - Critical Limb Ischemia/Limb Salvage I:

Arterial - Critical Limb Ischemia/Limb Salvage II:

Venous - Superficial Venous Disease I:

Venous - Superficial Venous Disease II:

Venous - Superficial Venous Disease III:

Venous - Superficial Venous Disease IV:

Venous - Superficial Venous Disease V:

Venous - Deep Venous Disease I:

Venous - Deep Venous Disease II/PE:

Venous - Deep Venous Disease III:

Venous - Deep Venous Disease IV:

Venous - Deep Venous Disease V:



Start date
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
End date
Saturday, July 22, 2017
Radisson Blu Aqua Chicago
United States
41° 52' 41.2104" N, 87° 37' 47.2728" W

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