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Belgian Society of Cardiology 37th Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

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It is my great pleasure as president of the BSC, to welcome you to the 37th Annual Congress of the Belgian Society of Cardiology.

The annual meeting of the BSC is your meeting. It will offer you the opportunity to gather together in central Brussels for 2 days of intensive education and networking and meet renowned experts in their specialities.

The overall theme of this edition is: “Modern cardiology in the picture”

Cardiology is pre-eminently a discipline with ongoing scientific and technological discoveries resulting in new diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms, which need to be implemented in daily practise. In addition, our way of working will undergo profound changes in view of the pending legislation on hospital networking.

The congress programme will cover all different aspects of modern cardiology and we will introduce some new formats such as the audience voting system, speakers corner, the clash of the Titans in order to increase the interactivity between the audience and the experts.

What can you expect in the 37th edition of the BSC Congress:

  • Dedicated BSC Working Group sessions, with best abstract presentations highlighting new information of the different cardiac subspecialities.
  • The ESC-BSC joint session will not only present but also challenge the new guidelines on valvular heart disease.
  • The College of Cardiology will present an update of quality handbook with focus on heart failure clinics.
  • Socio-economical sessions will cover organisational aspects of the cardiology profession.
  • Laureate lectures and awards ceremony; Best Poster, Young Investigator, Leon Dumont prize, Jacqueline Bernheim prize,the new Belgian research prize.
  • Industry-supported satellite symposia will give the floor to high-level international speakers, presenting different cardiologic topics
  • The final session, the “clash of the Titans”, will be a lively knowledge competition between teams and the audience.

We design this annual meeting to meet your expectations and be a source of new scientific and educational discoveries, allowing for continuous investments in the care of patients with cardiovascular problems, still the number one killer in the Western world.

The BSC congress is “the place to be” on 8th and 9th February 2018!

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