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Aorta Masterclass 2018

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In view of the increasing case-load of specific aortic diseases and the need to manage them optimally the Aorta Masterclass offers a platform for everyone interested in this emerging field. In particular, the conference aims to attract senior trainees and young consultants in Vascular Surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Radiology and Cardiac Surgery to discuss new developments in the genetics, epidemiology, diagnosis and management of diseases of the Aorta with experts in the field. The Aorta Masterclass 2018 will offer:

  • Keynote lecture: “I want to be an aortic specialist” will focus on the construction and maintenance of the Aortic Team.
  • Interactive session involving simulation and case based scenarios.
  • Six sessions with six contributions in each:
    • Congenital and genetics
    • Decision making in aortic diseases
    • Aortopathy in the child-bearing years
    • New options in the aortic arch
    • Inflammation and infection
    • New models to predict outcome in aortic disease

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