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ALICE – Advanced Live Interventional Course of Essen

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ALICE – Advanced Live Interventional Course of Essen - will be back soon again in Essen from the 12th to the 14th of March 2018.

We are pleased to welcome you back in Essen. We are again planning a combination of live cases, presentations and discussions. Live cases will go throughout the whole field of intracranial endovascular therapy including aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, dural fistulae, intracranial stenosis and of course treatment of acute stroke by thrombectomy, according to the acute requests that we may receive within these 3 days. We will therefore keep the possibility to disrupt live cases or presentations at any time if an acute stroke is to be treated. We wish to share our ideas on the endovascular management in demanding situations where new technical developments have been replacing the conventional treatment modalities.

We found several new important developments in the treatment of arteriovenous malformations and will expose in a special video session the interest of staged venous embolizations and also the technique of transnidal catheterization to get an antegrade arterial access to retrograde arterial feeders fed in by collaterals.

To further promote transvenous access in AVMs, we will not only transmit from our cathlabs in Essen but also from Limoges in France with the participation of Charbel Mounayer.

Our special session "ALICE in trouble" will focus on complications with potential ways on how to avoid or resolve it. Our new session „Perspectives in the Neuroendovascular Field“ will be conducted by Mayank Goyal. We intend to take benefit from the exceptional concentration of experienced physicians attending ALICE to decide which further studies to be planned and draw their lines together.

We will keep you updated on all treated cases during previous editions of ALICE. We expect again interesting and passionate discussions between all participants with the support of our experienced moderators. Recent changes in regulations led us also to offer a grant to physicians wishing to participate to the course so that the charges for venue and registration will be covered.

The number of available grants is limited, we will inform each applicant within the month following registration if the grant is possible. The maximum capacity of the auditorium is of 400 participants, this size should enable discussions to be going on. I apologize to all that cannot registrate.

We will keep our location at the Philharmonic Hall of Essen which allows to keep the special atmosphere that we enjoyed in the past editions of ALICE favorable to fruitful discussions and strong interaction with all participants. This location offers an increased comfort and is close enough to the hospital for us to be able to rapidly join the auditorium after the live cases.

Online registrations will start with opening of the website.

I’m looking forward to see you at ALICE 2018

René Chapot

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