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48th Italian National Congress Of Cardiology 2017

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ANMCO the next Congress, the 48th, as previously announced, will be held at the Rimini Conference Centre from 11 to 13 May 2017. Encouraged by the success of past editions, rewarded by a growing participation, the Board of Directors is ANMCO working to propose a scientific Programme increasingly valid and interesting, confirming the primary role that always Cardiology and thus ANMCO, which prominent scientific society, held for the benefit of the medical profession, particularly cardiology, with constant attention to its scientific-growth cultural, in a social context and health in rapid and constant change.

Aware of the complexities that make the Congress ANMCO an indisputable reminder event, the Board of Directors unanimously approved to establish for Congress 2017 the President of the Organizing Committee of the Congress, by locating it in the person of Dott. Michele Massimo Gulizia, Past President ANMCO, for its proven ability and experience demonstrated by the successes of the 2015 and 2016 conferences.

The 48th Congress will characterize ANMCO for its innovative and technological format, such as that presented in the two previous years, with the common aim of generating an event definitely in step with the times, inspired by the most modern interactive communication models: the premises the convention center, in fact, will be set up two single-theme village, over 8 Conference halls, classrooms with interactive use of mini iPad, Meet the Expert sessions ViP (Virtual Patient) and ECHO CLINICAL particularly technological innovation for interactive training of learners, e- Posters of electronic widescreen, just to mention some types of the most salient. Our aim will be to bring out the many new features designed for the edition 2017.

In his scientific and organizational complexity, the ANMCO Congress will be marked by several events in the event: Joint Symposium with leading International Scientific Society, with National and Regional Institutions, Magisterial readings performed by the most famous names in world Cardiology and many others. It will also revived the partecipatissimo Referral ECG Championship, the photo contest Cardioclick @, the allocation of 3 Awards of Maseri-Florio Research Award and two scholarships named after Vincenzo Masini. Also for 2017, there have been many scientific proposals received, reflecting increased attention paid to this key event, which will make it possible to develop a valid and attractive program, which will fully exploit all of Cardiology interest fields.

As always, the main protagonist of the Congress will be the ANMCO Member, for which assistance will prepare selected and qualified.

Specific recognition will be given to ANMCO Fellow, qualified members of our Association, as well as having an active role in the congress program will always have at their exclusive disposal a special lounge at the conference as well as dedicated and specially designed for them to make participation as smooth and pleasant as possible.

We are confident that together we can create a prestigious event to recall the entire medical profession, not only cardiology, national and international, that will allow the most ample opportunities to upgrade and training by promoting best scientific evidence.

We wait so very numerous in Rimini at the 48th National Congress of Cardiology ANMCO!

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