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29th Annual Cardiovascular Interventions 2018

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Cardiologists are trained during their fellowship years in the latest techniques, technologies, standards of practice and guidelines for patient care. However, the practice of medicine changes rapidly and the discipline of interventional cardiology changes dramatically each year. Changes in interventional cardiology directly impact patient care and require constant updates to physician knowledge and practices. Physicians rely on journal articles, interaction, with colleagues and lectures throughout the year to keep their knowledge up to date.

The primary purpose of the “29th Annual Cardiovascular Interventions” symposium will be to provide physicians and the cardiovascular care team with a concentrated exposure to new developments in interventional cardiology that will positively influence patient outcomes.

The 2018 scientific program has been carefully designed by consulting recent key clinical trial data, articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, physician focus groups, and needs assessments. By attending this program, participants will learn the latest advances and debates in interventional cardiology. They will return to their practice environment armed with the latest evidence-based, practical information to improve patient care and outcomes.

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