24th World Congress of Clinical Cardiology, Echocardiography & Allied Imaging Techniques With 22nd Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Echocardiography 2017

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It is our pleasure to invite you for the XXIV World Congress of Clinical Cardiology, Echocardiography & Allied Imaging Techniques. The theme of the congress is "Potentials of Clinical Cardiology by Echocardiography and Imaging".

This congress will provide a forum where medical professionals from this country and abroad will have a unique opportunity to discuss the various aspects of cardiovascular medicine, including recent advances, diagnosis, prognosis and various therapeutic aspects.

Cardiovascular imaging has now evolved as a fully integrated technology in a patient workup right from diagnosis to therapeutic decision making. As such, for the first time, its implementation in clinical cardiology will also be a subject of focus. Various disciplines of cardiology like interventional cardiology, pediatric cardiology, electrophysiology, pacing, CRT etc. have made tremendous strides. As such, in this congress a very informative scientific program, offering a comprehensive and innovative educational sessions, will be designed in concordance with growing demands of the various disciplines of cardiology. This, hopefully, will be achieved by symposia, case studies, hemodynamic workshops and meet the experts sessions etc, Hence the scientific content will be a judicious mixture between clinical education and latest scientific developments, keeping in mind the requirements of physicians, cardiologists, sonographers, fellows, interventionists, heath care policy makers and other health care professionals. A major part of the program will be dedicated to clinical practitioners. The audience will have ample opportunity to interact with international and national faculty.

There will be a unique, case based interactive pre-congress CME on October 5th, 2017.

We hope, besides enjoying the scientific sessions, you will enjoy Jaipur, Rajasthan for its Royal monuments, finest museums, shopper's paradise, courtly grace and exquisite cuisine, besides its nearness to Taj Mahal and other delightful sites of neighbouring places.

We hope you will absorb better knowledge of various aspects of cardiology and be confident to face new challenges.

We look forward to welcoming you for an exciting and unforgettable event.

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