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21st Tremblant Interventional Cardiology Meeting (TIC) 2019

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This course is to provide the participant with emerging trends and evidence-based practices (from the past 12 months).To provide the participant with guideline-driven, contemporary approaches to cardiovascular patient care.

Upon completion of this program the attendees will be able to:
1. Identify areas for quality improvement in Interventional Cardiology
2. Correctly interpret the coronary physiology (FFR, iFR,) and the other coronary imaging (IVUS, OCT) to apply in coronary interventions
3. Identify the best practices in the interventional treatment of Left appendage closure
4. Review the actual treatment post intervention in Aortic valve stenosis surgical and percutaneous.
5. Understand the advantage and inconvenient of new technology catheters for coronary intervention.
6. Review the interest and inconvenient to obtain an open artery after total occlusion.
7. Identify the actual best practices in high-risk complex PCI.
8. Understand and select left ventricle support devices in cardiogenic shock.
9. Review the actual treatment of the spontaneous coronary artery dissection.
10. Understand the emergence of the Artificial Intelligence in the cath lab
11. Review and apply the recent data on percutaneous mitral treatment for repair with the Mitral Clip and the future of Percutaneous Mitral Implantation

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