21st Congrès Francophone de Cardiologie Interventionnelle 2020

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To say that the evolution of our discipline over the past 2 decades is spectacular is an understatement. No other technical specialty has experienced such a development in such a short period of time.. The indications for the percutaneous approach, long limited to the exclusive management of coronary artery disease, have widened to structural heart disease with results that go beyond what most optimists dared not imagine. Who would have bet 20 years ago that interventional cardiology would offer such prospects in such a short time in the treatment of embologenic heart disease or that of aortic and mitral valve disease? The evolution of our specialty will undoubtedly not stop there and, with overspecialization helping, it is not forbidden to think that operators will in the future have to favor a specific type of activity whether it is the treatment of coronary artery disease or structural heart disease with a very high level of expertise, in the interest of the patient.

The teaching of our discipline must take this development into account and this is the challenge that the Francophone Congress of Interventional Cardiology (CFCI) has taken up every year for more than 20 years . All means are used to offer the most experienced sharing experiences and new generations the means to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to make them excellent operators. Once again, everyone should find their account. The video transmissions of didactic cases that have made the reputation of the CFCI will be presented live by experts. Topics of controversy, consensus conferences or debates on the hottest topics will also be presented. Above all, the practical workshops intended for the youngest will enable them to acquire the knowledge essential to the most innovative activities.

Our goal is for each of the CFCI participants to withdraw the lessons they have come to seek this year again .

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