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19th Congrès Francophone de Cardiologie Interventionnelle 2018

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Interventional cardiology, created 40 years ago by Andreas Gruentzig, has now established itself as the reference discipline in the treatment of coronary, valvular and congenital heart diseases.

The CFCI for 20 years has always been faithful to the founding idea of ​​the Master, namely the teaching of this discipline through the live broadcast of interventions to a crowd of cardiologists eager for experience and knowledge; often fond of remembering that the little brazilians first learned football in the Maracaña stadium when they saw their idols playing there.

Thus, as for all previous congresses, the CFCI will broadcast in 2018 a dozen "lives" adapted to the last percutaneous territories to be conquered (CTO, calcified complex lesions, aortic and mitral structural ...) which will soon become more and more interventional procedures. commonplace and customary in all "cathlabs" of the French-speaking world.

This new 2018 edition will take over all the other elements that made this event a success:

  • interactivity and pedagogy
  • expert conferences of international reputation
  • presentations of the latest innovations
  • controversies over controversial topics
  • practical workshops for "young and old"
  • presentation of clinical cases and selected posters with award ceremony
  • sessions dedicated to hospital pharmacists
  • exposure of partners in the equipment and medicine industry

More so this year, the youngest among us will be in the spotlight with sessions dedicated to them. We would love to see them own this convention.

And all this in French, which as Leopold Sédar Senghor said, "is an international language of communication that offers us, at the same time, clarity and richness, precision and nuance".

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