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17th International Winter Arrhythmia School 2020

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I would like to extend this personal invitation to our 17th Annual International Winter Arrhythmia School.

This year our program will be extending its scope to address increasing interest from various medical professionals.

In addition to our traditional streams, this year’s sessions will include exciting topics such as EP in structural heart disease, sensible management of arrhythmia, and cardio-pharmacology for cardiologists, electrophysiologists, EP fellows and allied professionals; there will also be an intense and (as usual) cross platform training in device management.

We plan to continue multiple small group workshops including 3 levels of ECG telemetry, ECG / Holter monitoring reads, ECG workshops on arrhythmia recognition and medical treatment monitoring using ECG.

Previously we introduced three excellent sessions for family doctors with a focus on arrhythmia patient management, ECG interpretation, and approaches to patients with fainting spells. We plan to continue hosting a stream for family doctors and other family practitioners, with this year’s sessions including topics such as acute management of atrial fibrillation in the ER and walk in clinics, and sleep apnea.

We will continue our new successful addition of workshops designed especially for nurses, EP technicians, and allied professionals, as well as an instructional workshop designed for EP fellows. We deploy a world-class faculty to engage in discussions and expect, as always, fierce educational argument.

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