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The 13th International Stroke Summit

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The 13th International Stroke Summit (ISS 2017) will be conducted in Nanjing, on June 9-11 June 2017.

Being promoted and endorsed by the World Stroke Organization (WSO), the summit aims at keeping up with the very forefront of the cerebrovascular disease research and the latest developing trends of neurointerventional technique. Cooperating with Interventional Neurology, the journal of which is founded by the International Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology, the summit publishes excellent article and abstracts every year to provide a new communicating platform in the field.

In the past decade, we have successfully organized 12 International Stroke Summits since 2004. Thanks to the support from the experts and colleagues, the series of conferences have gained considerable progress and become one of the most influential and professional academic meetings on cerebrovascular diseases in Asia-Pacific region. Following the previous tenet on communication and collaboration, the 13th ISS invites the experts and researchers from all countries to conduct special academic lectures addressing the latest progress in cerebrovascular diseases and interventional neurology. By the occasion, there will be some cerebral vascular intervention cases for share and discussion. Through communication with colleagues from all over the world, the ISS 2017 is expected to promote the research level in both basic and clinical investigation and improve the prevention of cerebrovascular disease.

We hereby take the great honour to invite you to participate this annual academic event for providing and promoting the study on neurology and cerebrovascular diseases.

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