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13th German Kardiodiagnostik Day 2021

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The German Cardiodiagnostics Days in Leipzig are an important meeting place for all players in the industry. Once a year, experts and young newcomers come together here. Cardiovascular imaging has become an integral part of everyday diagnostic work. Before initiating a therapy and in order to assess prognoses, it offers the best basis for decision-making, which is what makes today's clinical routine possible. The main target groups of the event are beginners in cardiac imaging, experts in radiology, cardiosurgery, cardiology, internal medicine, general medicine and nuclear medicine.

The German Cardiodiagnostics Days 2021 will again be held in Leipzig. Together with the 14th Leipzig Symposium Noninvasive Cardiovascular Imaging, they attract experts from the entire D-A-CH region. An industrial exhibition will be held in parallel. The main topics 2021 are:

  • Live Cases with video transmission from the Heart Center Leipzig
  • Advanced training courses CT/MRT Q1 & Q2 level
  • Echo, nuclear cardiology and pacemaker workshops
  • MRT & CT face-off sessions of the providers rmen
  • MTRA further training courses Modules I-III (VMTB)
  • Practical Teaching & Working with DRG case collections

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