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12th Congress of the Croatian Cardac Society 2018

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It is my pleasure to invite you to the 12th congress of the Croatian Cardiac Society, which will be held in Zagreb, at Hotel Westin, from 29 November to 2 December 2018.

We continue with the tradition of major national cardiology congresses held every two years. And this time our goal is to present the state and extent of Croatian cardiology, which according to the relevant indicators is one of the crown of Croatian medicine. Although we are among the smallest and the economical development of the more modest European countries, every cardiologist can be diagnosed and treated in Croatia at the top level, without resorting to large foreign centers. Additionally, medicine is available to us all and we can be proud of it because it is a significant civilization gap that is lacking in some of the more developed countries of Croatia.

Our cardiology society is still far the most active medical association in Croatia. It lives through their working groups and their congresses and symposiums that are the reflection of the development of our cardiological subspecies, and also through the Cardiologia Croatica magazine, the live activity of our young cardiologists who regularly meet and gather, and there are also a number of public health actions and cooperation with Croatian Heart House - Croatian Cardiology Foundation. Our Croatian Cardiology Society gathers all of our cardiologists and allows interactivity through the complex collaboration of various experts, general cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, diabetologists, hypertensors, and especially family medicine physicians, which are the foundation of our health system.

Apart from congratulating Congress on what is new and important in our Cardiology, we will call the leading names of European and world cardiology. We work closely with many of them, in addition to our professional reach and involvement in international projects, multicenter studies, guidelines development and participation in international bodies, committees and forums more actively than ever before. We want to build bridges with our colleagues from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the whole world, because medicine is unique and does not know the boundaries.

As active members of the European Cardiac Society we are especially proud of today's leading professional and scientific cardiology association in the world. And this time we will pay special attention to the latest European Cardiology Society guidelines and other achievements that directly affect the development of our cardiology. In addition to calling on the leading European Cardiac Society, we will also organize a special Symposium in cooperation with its largest component - the European Association for Heart Failure.

We thank our sponsors who are truly true partners and whose scientific and professional quality of our Congress has long been ahead of their potential commercial interests.

Finally, we are extremely honored to be the sponsor of our Congress again Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts - our leading institution in the field of science and culture, guardian of Croatian identity and at the same time the most important link between Croatia and the best in the world of science and art.

We invite you to contribute to the success of the upcoming congress of the Croatian Cardiology Society through your original announcements, invitations to lectures, presidency and every creative form of active presence.

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