The development of a stable oral solution of captopril for paediatric patients


STUDY OBJECTIVES: Many major drugs are not available in paediatric form. The aim of this study was to develop a stable liquid solution of captopril for oral paediatric use allowing individualised dosage and easy administration to newborn and young patients.

METHODS: A specific HPLC-UV method was developed. In a pilot study, a number of formulations described in the literature as affording one-month stability were examined. In the proper long-term study, the formulation that gave the best results was then prepared in large batches and its stability monitored for two years at 5°C and room temperature, and for one year at 40°C.

RESULTS: Most formulations described in the literature were found wanting in our pilot study. A simple solution of the drug (1 mg/mL) in purified water (European Pharmacopeia) containing 0.1% disodium edetate (EDTA-Na) as preservative proved chemically and microbiologically stable at 5°C and room temperature for two years. Conclusion: The proposed in-house formulation fulfils stringent criteria of purity and stability and is fully acceptable for administration to newborn and young patients.

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Berger-Gryllaki M, Podilsky G, Widmer N, et al. EJHP Science 2007;13:27–32.