Roundtable Discussion: Chronic Total Occlusions PCI vs OMT Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable Discussion


During the "CTO Fundamentals Live” course in London in June 2017, Radcliffe Cardiology, filmed a roundtable discussion analysing and debating recent clinical trials that have been reported in the complex area of chronic total occlusions (DECISION-CTO and EURO-CTO).

This roundtable discussion was moderated by Dr. James Spratt (London, UK) who was joined by an expert group of operators including Dr. Christopher Buller (Toronto, CA), Prof. Evald Hoj Christiansen (Aarhus,DE), Prof. Jo Dens (Genk, BE), Dr. Margaret McEntegart (Glasgow, UK) & Dr. Simon Walsh (Belfast, UK).

The meeting comprised of six sessions.

This educational activity is intended for an international audience, specifically interventional cardiologists and cardiologists. However, other healthcare professionals involved in the care of coronary artery disease (CAD) patients will also find this topical.

The assigned learning objectives for this roundtable are listed for your information:
  • To increase awareness of best practice in CTO PCI
  • To analyse the data reported in recent RCTs
  • To discuss the data in a wider historical context
  • To compare the data against real world evidence and clinical experience
  • To summarise and debate future research to be conducted

Moderator: Dr. James Spratt (London, UK)

Dr. Christopher Buller (Toronto, CA)
Prof. Evald Hoj Christiansen (Aarhus,DE)
Prof. Jo Dens (Genk, BE)
Dr. Margaret McEntegart (Glasgow, UK)
Dr. Simon Walsh (Belfast, UK)