Left or Right? Transradial PCI Outcomes Generally Similar Regardless of Side Chosen


For patients undergoing transradial PCI, procedures done through the left arm compare similarly in terms of outcomes to those on the right, with the former potentially conveying a small benefit with regard to stroke, according to new registry data.

“Our study [is] the first one to show that there is a reduction in PCI-related stroke, which is an important but devastating complication which can be avoided, if you go from the left side,” lead study author Muhammad Rashid, MBBS (Keele University, Stoke-on-Trent, England), told TCTMD. “The take-home message is more about developing programs and breaking this mental barrier that left-side access is difficult. I think it's developing a culture where, by all means, you can start off a procedure from the right side, but where left-sided access is given equal preference.”

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