Essential Guide to The Chest Pain Patient (Module 2)


MODULE 2: Essential Guide to The Chest Pain Patient


Dr.Sayan Sen
Consultant Cardiologist
Hammersmith Hospital

Why should you take the couse?  This is the second module of the Essential Guide to Catheter Laboratory Diagnostic, Procedure and Therapeutics.  This module covers The Chest Pain Patient in 13 easy to digest on-demand video lectures.  Lectures are all delivered by leading interventional cardiologists, and are designed to take you through what you need to know to feel confident in getting to grips with managing patients presenting with chest pain. 

Who needs to attend? This course is specifically designed for anyone wanting to gain real knowledge about clinical cardiology, and is designed to cover all the vital aspects of angiography to ensure you are confident in your approach and managment of cardiology patients. The course will be focused for cardiology trainees, clinical fellows, physiologists, cath lab staff and aspiring cardiology trainees. This course incorporates the BCS and BCIS curriculum and is aimed for general cardiology trainees, clinical fellows, physiologists, cath lab staff and Interventional Trainees. So, if you want to be more confident in the cath lab - this is the course for you!

What should I expect from the course content? The Simple Education Essential Guide to Coronary Angiography and Right Heart Catheterisation has a refreshing style, and is innovative in format comprising short lectures centred on real cases and video demonstrations.

What endorsement does this have? Simple Education provides medical education all around the world.  This course covers all of the core curriculum for those working within the catheter lab. 

Who are the trainers? The course is delivered by world renowned experts and lecturers in the field and aims to provide attendees with tips and tricks learnt from years of practice.

Video Module Essential guide to Coronary Angiography and Right Heart Catheterisation
Module 1   Introduction, Sayan Sen (2.35min)
Module 2 Managing chest pain: is NICE a help or hindrance? Chris Baker (34.24min)
Module 3 Using CT to determine patient risk and management, Sunthar Kanaganayagam (37.07min)
Module 4 ABC of primary prevention and anti-anginals,  Ricardo Petraco (22.32min)
Module 5 When to use ETT, DSE, CT, nuclear and CMR, Graham Cole (31.43min)
Module 6   Essential Guide to intra-coronary physiology for general cardiologist, Justin Davies (33.38min)
Module 7   Essential Guide to intra-coronary imaging for the general cardiologist, Iqbal Malik (31.43min)
Module 8   Essential Guide to Stents, Bioabsorbable vascular scaffolds & Drug eluting balloons – let’s make things simple, Neil Rupereilia (29.13 min)
Module 9   Essential Guide to Anti-platelets and Anti-coagulants (inc NOACS)– let’s make things simple, Sukhjinder Nijjer  (43.08 min)
Module 10 CABG, stent or medical therapy? Yousif Ahmad (32.45min)
Module 11 Heart team meeting, Chris Cook (27.01min)
Module 12   MDT 1 (JCC)
Module 13 MDT 2 (JCC)