Simplifying complex PCI: Live Case Using State-Of-The-Art Physiology Assessment With iFR® And iFR Scout™


The broadcast of this live case is supported by Volcano Corporation


  1. Introduction to the ethos of Live from the Hammersmith
  2. Outline for the live case broadcast
  3. Importance of FAME 3, Syntax 2 in disease assessment in changing patient demographics
  4. Introduction of patient case
  5. iFR set up at the Hammersmith
  6. Essentials for Good measurement
  7. ABC of measurement (normalisation, nitrates, and measurement)
  8. Measurements and Treatment
  9. Use of Sync-Vision and iFR Scout in lesion assessment
  10. Review of Case - how physiology changed practice in context of MVD

Learn more about iFR and FFR here.

This webinar is to inform and educate cardiologists on:
  • Understand how to select patients suitable for PCI using the latest physiological techniques
  • Attain first hand knowledge in iFR and iFR Scout
  • Use Sync-Vision to demonstrate co-registration between IVUS and Angiography
  • Understand how clinical trial evidence is evolving to increase appropriate PCI use in patients with complex and multi-vessel disease
  • Interventional Cardiologists and Interventional Fellows performing PCI
  • Nurses and catheter laboratory technicians
  • Medical and physiology students
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  • ADenosine Vasodilator Independent Stenosis Evaluation II Study
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