Correction of Stent Distortion and Overhanging Stent Struts during Left Main Bifurcation Stenting by Selective Distal Stent Cell Re-Wiring: A Novel Guidewire Approach


Stent malapposition and overhanging stent struts in front of the side branch (SB) ostium are not uncommon following bifurcation stenting that might lead to stent thrombosis. We herein present 2 cases, in which optical frequency domain imaging and intravascular ultrasound effectively revealed stent malapposition and overhanging struts inside the ostium of the SB following left main coronary artery stenting. Therefore, we introduced a novel technique for rectification of these incidental findings by selective SB re-wiring through the most distal stent cell with the adjunctive help of a double lumen microcatheter.

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Acta Cardiol Sin. 2015;31:453–456