CCM® Around the World

CCM® Around the World

Hope is Here – A Modern Approach to Heart Failure Therapy


This live online webinar is an educational program designed to share the latest updates on a breakthrough device-based therapy for the treatment of moderate to severe heart failure. While cardiac contractility modulation using the Optimizer® device has been well-studied, published and widely available in Europe for a number of years, it was only recently approved in the US. The use of CCM® therapy continues to expand rapidly – which makes now a perfect time to bring the world's most experienced investigators and providers with extensive clinical experience together to discuss the current and future place CCM® may take in the treatment of heart failure.

An introduction from the event's Chairmen:

  • Become aware of the history of Impulse Dynamics and it's founding by a renowned scientist inventor.
  • Appreciate the extensive scientific endeavours that resulted in the outcomes that have driven approval by the various regulatory authorities.
  • Learn about the mode of action that underpins CCM® therapy.
  • Understand the clinical path forward for CCM® therapy.
  • Gain an understanding of appropriate patient identification and selection.
  • Share patient experiences via case studies presented by the physician with the most extensive clinical experience in the world.
  • An introduction from the event's Chairmen:

  • 6:00pm CEST - Opening - Dr Thomas M Helms, Hamburg, Germany
  • 6:05pm CEST - A look behind the scientific curtain - clarifying the core operating principles of CCM® therapy (HFpEF/HFrEF) – Dr William T Abraham, Columbus, OH, US
  • 6:20pm CEST - What's next for CCM® therapy and how might it influence our work? – Prof Daniel Burkhoff, New York, NY, US
  • 6:30pm CEST - Finding the fit for CCM® therapy - Ensuring appropriate patient identification and selection? – Prof Frieder Braunschweig, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 6:40pm CEST - Case studies – real world observations of CCM® in action – PD Dr Jurgen Kuschyk, Mannheim, Germany
  • 6:55pm CEST - Closing – Prof Dr Karl-Heinz Kuck, Hamburg, Germany

An introduction from the event's Chairmen:


Dr Thomas M Helms
Hamburg, DE (Co-Chair)


Prof Karl-Heinz Kuck
Hamburg, DE (Co-Chair)


Dr William T Abraham
Columbus, OH, US


Prof Daniel Burkhoff
New York, NY, US


Prof Frieder Braunschweig
Stockholm, SE


PD Dr Jürgen Kuschyk
Mannheim, DE


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