Richard E Katholi

Job title
Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Richard E Katholi, MD, is Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, and Partner at Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, LTD. Previously, he was Professor of Medicine and an Established Investigator of the American Heart Association at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr Katholi is an experienced basic and clinical investigator with interests in renal nerve mechanisms in hypertension and contrast-induced nephropathy. Early work in renovascular hypertension identified chemoreceptors in the renal pelvis responsive to the accumulation of intrarenal adenosine resulting in afferent renal nerve mediated increases in peripheral nerve sympathetic activity and hypertension. More recent work has focused on the role intrarenal adenosine plays in contrast-induced nephropathy and whether pharmacologic interventions aimed at blocking these mechanisms attenuate the risk. Most recently, Dr Katholi has examined direct cellular effects of contrast media in in vitro proximal renal tubular cell studies. He now is an investigor in head-to-head clinical trials comparing the least nephrotoxic contrast media in high-risk patients.

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