Jos RTC Roelandt

Job title
Professor of Cardiology
Thoraxcentre, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

Jos RTC Roelandt is a Professor of Cardiology at Thoraxcentre, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. He received his MD degree from the University of Leuven and joined the Thoraxcentre after his specialisation in Cardiology (Leuven, Lille, Leiden) in 1969. He received an honorary doctorate from the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University in Szeged (Hungary, 1995) and served as president of the Dutch Society (1995–1997). He serves on the Editorial Board of several major cardiology journals, has (co)- authored over 1000 scientific papers and 19 textbooks and is promoter of 35 PhD theses. He has been a visiting professor in many institutions, and is member and/or honorary member of many international societies. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Echocardiography.

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