For Over 100 Years, Agfa has Pioneered the Science of Medical Imaging

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US Cardiology 2004;2004:1(1):1-2


Integrated information systems lead to an improved knowledge base that not only improves the delivery of healthcare services, but also reduces the possibility of error and the cost of delivering care, enabling healthcare professionals to do more. Moving from analog to digital patient-related data flows presents multiple opportunities to integrate a healthcare facilityÔÇÖs information and images, as well as optimize the delivery of service offered to patients. With more than a century of experience providing imaging solutions and over 800 PACS installations worldwide, Agfa has a unique understanding of how physicians and medical specialists use imaging and information management in their daily routine and are now delivering this expertise to cardiology.

Agfa brings proven, industry-leading PACS experience into the cardiology department.

Cardiology departments today face a number of issues: an aging population, increased demand for services, ever-increasing volumes of data, and a shortage of cardiologists and support staff. Effective image management, specifically the storage, display and sharing of images and the reporting of diagnostic results, all work to enhance communication among medical professionals and improve the delivery of service.

With IMPAX™ for Cardiology, AgfaÔÇÖs cardiology image and information management solution, technology can be used to its full potential by providing access to all the information the cardiologist needs, even coming from multi-modalities or across hospital departments, all accessible from a single point of access - the cardiology workstation.

The Right Information Right at your Fingertips

Powered by leading clinical technology developed by Heartlab Inc., IMPAX for Cardiology is a dynamic digital information management solution specifically tailored to meet the needs of todayÔÇÖs busy cardiology department.

As an integral component of Agfa IMPAX Enterprise Suite™, IMPAX for Cardiology links cardiology to other parts of the healthcare enterprise without compromising the unique needs of the individual departments. It is the premier cardiology solution available today providing the required image acquisition, storage, review and reporting capabilities. This innovative solution enables cardiologists to view various cardiac images simultaneously, including cardiac catheterization, echo, CT, CVMR, nuclear medicine, IVUS and chest X-rays. Cardiologists can view the images whenever and wherever it is convenient for them, from the critical care unit, to surgery, to the ER, a remote clinic and even from their desks.