Corporate Report

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European Cardiology 2005;2005:1(1):1-1

The Association for European Paediatric Cardiology is a non-profitable organisation, which was founded in Lyon, France, in 1963.

Paediatric cardiology is the speciality concerned with congenital and acquired disease of the heart and circulation in the growing and developing individual - thus from foetal life to adolescence.

The AEPC has members from all European countries working as paediatric cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, in radiology and/or in connected fields. It aims to promote knowledge of the normal and diseased heart and the circulation; it assures knowledge exchange and provides continuous education and skill transferral. Nine working groups (WG) have been set up in order to assure harmonisation of the training in different subspecialities of paediatric cardiology, as well as to promote further and future basic and clinical research and also to establish intense exchange and promotion of specific technical and clinical skills in collaboration with industry.

AEPC provides support for collaboration among members in order to foster scientific research and professional developments and to ensure a high standard of professional practice in Europe.

The members of AEPC are, and will continue to be, delighted to obtain more intense contact with industry, companies and researchers for further and future developments in basic science, genetics, imaging, invasive cardiology, electrophysiology and surgery, but also in pharmacologic and pharmaceutical, biomedical and molecular biologic developments, including stem cell technology. The AEPC welcomes interested individuals who would like to become members of the association; it also welcomes companies and industry to join as supporting and 'corporateÔÇÖ members. Ôûá