PART 3: Comorbidities in PoTS (Breathing/Gut/GUS/Neuro)

In this six-part video panel discussion, Prof Andrew Sharp meets with an expert panel to moderate discussion on the issues surrounding Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS) which is an abnormality of the automatic nervous system (dysautonomia) that results in abnormal heart rate increases upon standing or sitting.


Part three sees Dr Nick Gall (King's College, London, UK) discuss the co-morbidities of PoTS.



Panellists Prof Lesley Kavi, (Birmingham City University, UK), Prof Melvin Lobo, (Bart's BP Centre of Excellence, UK) and Prof Andrew Sharp, (The University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK) then discuss.



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The panellists have also written a helpful book on PoTS, available on Amazon.