JIM 2020: Present and future of RMS — Dr Stefano Galli

Dr Stefano Galli (Cardiology Center Monzino IRCCS, Milan, IT) reviews the latest data on resorbable magnesium scaffolds (RMS) compared to bioresorbable vascular scaffolds.
1. How does the design of a RMS compare to a bioresorbable vascular scaffold?
2. What data supports use of RMS to date?
3. With stent thrombosis concerns, what is the safety data on RMS devices?
4. How can operators maximise outcomes with RMS? Is PSP needed?
5. Is there still a future for the RMS in clinical practice considering newer generation DES outcomes?
Filmed on location at the JIM 2020.
Interviewer: Ashlynne Merrifield
Videographer: Dom Woodruff