JIM 2020: Primary outcome of PICCOLETO II trial — Dr Bernardo Cortese

Dr Bernardo Cortese (Foundation Hospital Maggiore Polyclinic IRCCS, Milan, IT) discusses the 6-month primary outcomes of the PICCOLETO II randomized clinical trial.
Drug Eluting Balloon Efficacy for Small Coronary Vessel Disease Treatment (PICCOLETO II) is one of the latest trials to show drug-coated balloons (DCB) as a potential alternative to drug-eluting stents (DES) in patients with small-diameter lesions. 
1. What was the PICCOLETO II study design and what did it aim to assess?
2. What are the key outcomes and how do they compare to studies such as BASKET-SMALL II?
3. Were there limitations with PICCOLETO II?
4. In your opinion, how should PICCOLETO II influence practice?
5. What questions remain unanswered that require further research?
Filmed on location at the JIM 2020.
Interviewer: Ashlynne Merrifield
Videographer: Dom Woodruff