ESC 2020: Final Results of the EVAPORATE Trial — Prof Matthew Budoff



Prof Budoff (Lundquist Institute, Carson St Torrance, CA, US) discusses the final results of the EVAPORATE trial, which investigates the effect of Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) on atherosclerosis by the means of CT angiography. 

1. What is EVAPORATE and what does it aim to address?
2. What was the design of this trial?
3. What were the final findings of EVAPORATE?
4. What conclusions can be made?
5. How should these findings influence clinical practice?
6. What are the next steps?
7. Why was CT angiography used?

Recorded remotely from California, 2020.

Interviewer: Victoria Perroud
Recording Editor: Natascha Wienand