CRT 2020: Gender and Race Disparities in Hypertension — Dr Ileana Piña

Dr Ileana Piña (Montefiore Medical Center, New York, NY, US) discusses whether gender and race disparities exist for essential hypertension. With references to the SPRINT trial, she discusses a number of issues around this important topic, to look at the SPRINT trial outcomes, the affect of gender, race and social determinants on hypertension and the importance of patient adherence to medical treatment.


1. What options are available to manage essential hypertension and what outcomes are we seeing?
2. Does race and gender affect outcomes?
3. Can we hypothesise why these disparities occur?
4. What can be done to harmonise treatment? 

Filmed on location at CRT 2020.

Interviewer: William Cadden
Videographer: Charlie McClanahan

Tags: denervation, hypertension, SPRINT trial, african american, caucasian, blood pressure,