New Horizons in AF: Personalised AF Therapies

New Horizons in AF: Personalised AF therapies in the hands of all EPs

The Big AF Debate

New Horizons in AF was a scientific meeting which highlighted current approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of atrial fibrillation. The meeting hosted faculty from across the globe and each presenter shared their personalised AF therapy strategies. Access here a collection of key presentations from the meeting.

Dr Serge Boveda (Toulouse, FR) moderates ‘The Big AF Debate’ session featuring Prof Richard Schilling (London, UK) and Prof Stephan Willems (Hamburg, DE) sharing their respective approaches to Atrial Fibrillation therapy.

In this debate session you will see arguments comparing the cryoballoon and point-by-point ablation techniques. Prof Richard Schilling (London, UK) will provide his take on why single-shot cryoballoon ablation is preferred, whereas Prof Stephan Willems (Hamburg, DE) will champion why the radiofrequency point-by-point method is equal to or better than, single-shot tools in this engaging 'fire and ice' discussion.

Debate session 1: Pro Single-shot ablation - Prof R Schilling

Debate session 2: Pro radiofrequency point-by-point ablation - Prof Stephan Willems

Educational objectives

  • Understand different approaches to AF diagnosis and treatment
  • Understand two new single-shot technologies
  • Understand AF treatment with RHYTHMIA HDx™

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Programme Outline
  • Welcome & Current State of the ArtIsabel DeisenhoferJohn Morgan
  • The Big AF DebateRichard SchillingStephan WillemsSerge Boveda
  • Introducing the AF Portfolio PropositionDhiraj Gupta
  • Personalised AF Therapies in the Hands of All EPsDhiraj Gupta
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New Horizons in AF: Personalised AF therapies in the hands of all EPs

Introducing the AF Portfolio Proposition