BCIS ACI 2020: What tests should I be doing for ANOCA? — Prof Colin Berry


Angina with non-obstructive coronary arteries (ANOCA) is a common syndrome with unmet clinical needs. Diagnosis in patients can be challenging due to the uncertain association between invasive diagnostic tests and non-invasive ischaemia test results.

In this video, Prof Colin Berry (University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK) discusses the most appropriate tests to diagnose ANOCA, how to identify the symptoms and summarises the most appropriate treatment strategies.

What is the definition of ANOCA and what is disease prevalence? 
What are the symptoms of ANOCA? 
Which tests would be best suited to diagnose ANOCA and is there data to support these approaches? 
How is ANOCA treated once diagnosed? 

Filmed in London at BCIS ACI 2020.

Interviewer: Mirjam Boros
Videographer: Natacha Wienand / Dominic Woodruff