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Radcliffe Cardiology

Radcliffe Cardiology is an innovative media and publishing company that aims to assist in the continuous education of physicians within the cardiology fraternity, generating a range of clinical content through collaboration with leading cardiologists from around the globe.

Providing a free access platform for peer-reviewed content from industry-leading review journals Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology Review (AER), Cardiac Failure Review (CFR)European Cardiology Review (ECR), Interventional Cardiology Review (ICR) and US Cardiology Review (USC) alongside other digital and multimedia content– radcliffecardiology.com aims to support physicians, clinicians and leading industry professionals in continuously developing their knowledge, effectiveness and productivity.

Radcliffe Cardiology also has a dedicated eLearning platform, RC Academy, which uses innovative platforms for digital webinars, live case broadcasting and video round table discussions which help our community of 58,000 cardiologists keep up-to-date with the latest opinion, guidance and innovation in cardiovascular medicine.

Our journals are tri or bi-annual and comprise review articles, editorials, expert opinion pieces and in some cases meta-analyses. To ensure accuracy of published content within our journals, all articles are subject to double-blind peer review. Reviewers are selected on the basis of their clinical expertise, and are recognised authorities within the field. Following review, a reviewer either advises that an article is accepted without revision, or that either minor or major revisions are required to ensure an article presents a balanced, accurate and clinically-robust overview of the topic in question. An article may be rejected outright if it is deemed structurally flawed. Any revisions requested by the review are communicated to the author, and once incorporated, the article is sent to the journal’s Editor-in-Chief for secondary review. Where there are any points of contention between author and primary reviewer, the Editor-in-Chief will adjudicate. An article is only accepted for publication following approval by the Editor-in-Chief.

Each of Radcliffe Cardiology’s journals are supported by a Peer Review Board of over 100 leading physicians and healthcare professionals from across the cardiology fraternity. Comprehensive bibliographies for each article mean that all issues are informative and can be used as valuable reference tools.

Radcliffe Cardiology is an independent publisher and limited company. We are not affiliated or an agent of the Oxford Heart Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital or Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust group.

Operations: Radcliffe Cardiology, Unit F, First Floor, Bourne End Business Park, Cores End Road, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, SL8 5AS

Registered Office: Medical Media Communications (Publishing) Ltd. T/A Radcliffe Cardiology, Unit F, First Floor, Bourne End Business Park, Cores End Road, Buckinghamshire, SL8 5AS.

Registered in England and Wales: No. 8772497

Key People

David Ramsey – Managing Director

David has been involved in STM publishing for over 15 years, having spent the majority of his career as Managing Director of Touch Group plc, overseeing a publishing business producing review journals in 15 different areas of medicine, at a rate of over 60 issues per year.

Prior to forming Medical Media Communications (Publishing) Ltd (trading as Radcliffe Cardiology) David worked as Commercial Director and Publishing Consultant for Electric Word plc managing a series of journals for primary care practioners in the UK, their cardiology portfolio of journals and launching an electronic version of the Renal Drug Handbook.

David has a real passion for digital publishing and the dissemination of medical education in multimedia formats. He strives on a daily basis to integrate digital publishing best practices in to our publishing model.

Outside of work, David is a keen triathlete now that his body is no longer up to the rigours of rugby, having played for London Welsh RFC for many years. He is also married and a father to two young boys.

Email: david.ramsey@radcliffecardiology.com

Liam O’Neill – Publishing Director

Liam has worked in medical publishing and communications for over 12 years. The bulk of his experience has been in business development roles at companies such as Touch Group plc, Haymarket and Electric Word plc.

Since the inception of Medical Media Communications (Publishing) Ltd (trading as Radcliffe Cardiology), Liam has assumed the Publishing Director role due to his understanding of the wider medical journal publishing market and the clinical area of cardiology.

He has surrounded himself with an experienced team of editors and production staff in order to ensure all Radcliffe Cardiology journals are published to the highest editorial and technical specifications. He also interacts daily with the physicians that make up our editorial boards to continuously plan content for the benefit of our readers; as well as overseeing other critical elements of the business such as marketing and database management.

Liam is married and father to two young girls. In his increasingly shrinking spare time, he trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and can occasionally be seen parading the football field.

Email: liam.oneill@radcliffecardiology.com

Becki Davies – Managing Editor, Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology Review

Becki has been involved in healthcare publishing for more than 15 years. Over that time she has developed a thorough understanding of all aspects of medical editorial management.

Starting out in 1998 as Assistant Editor of the prescribing and medicines management journal Prescriber, Becki subsequently held the position of Editor on a range of healthcare publications, from the monthly journal for health visitors and community nurses, Community Practitioner, to the bi-monthly European title, Hospital Pharmacy Europe and the yearbook, Hospital Healthcare Europe.

More recently, Becki spent six years as Senior Project Editor at Haymarket Medical Education. She oversaw the editorial development and production of projects from websites to journals and conference materials for GPs and hospital doctors, on behalf of pharmaceutical and healthcare clients.

Becki works closely with the Editor-in-Chief and Section Editors of Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology Review to ensure each issue of the journal maintains high standards of accuracy and editorial integrity, and provides a valuable educational resource for electrophysiologists, general cardiologists and all those with an interest in arrhythmology.

Becki is married with two young children, and when she isn’t staring at a computer screen hunting for typos, she loves the outdoor life, growing her own vegetables and looking after a menagerie of animals including a grumpy cat, a crazy Labrador and a small flock of hens.

Email: managingeditor@radcliffecardiology.com

Lindsey Mathews – Managing Editor, Interventional Cardiology Review; US Cardiology Review; Cardiac Failure Review

Lindsey has worked in healthcare publishing for more than 10 years. Over that time she has developed a thorough understanding of all aspects of medical editorial management.

Starting out in 2005, Lindsey’s first role in publishing was with Blackwell, where she joined the Production and Editorial Team in Melbourne, Australia, as an Assistant Production Editor. Lindsey remained with Blackwell as they became Wiley-Blackwell and finished her stint there three years later as a member of the Production Operations Leadership Team, and Editor of – among other titles – the Australian Journal of Rural Health, Hepatology Review, Histopathology and Nursing & Health Sciences.

Lindsey moved to the UK in 2008 and commenced work with SB Communications Group where she held editorial roles at The Diabetic Foot Journal and Diabetes Digest, alongside producing a range of supplementary materials. Next up was a role as a Project Editor with Synergy Medical where she oversaw the editorial development and production of projects from websites to journals and conference materials in the fields of haematology and urology on behalf of pharmaceutical clients. More recently, Lindsey was appointed Group Managing Editor of Wounds Group, where she supervised the publication of Wounds UK Journal, Wounds International, Wound Essentials and the Journal of Lymphoedema.

Having joined Radcliffe Cardiology in 2015, Lindsey now works closely with the Editor-in-Chief and Section Editors of the three Radcliffe Cardiology journals under her careto ensure that each issue maintains high standards of accuracy and editorial integrity.

Lindsey is now based in Melbourne, Australia and when not working with the Radcliffe Cardiology team she spends almost all of her time reading stories to her baby daughter.

Email: commeditor@radcliffecardiology.com


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